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24 May 2010

UK energy use 'fell during recession'


The economic downturn led to a drop in the amount of energy being used in Britain, a new report has revealed.


A drop in UK energy use during the economic downturn has been reported by Cambridge Econometrics.


According to the thinktank, this led to a drop in the country`s carbon emissions throughout the recession.


The body said that while this trend is expected to continue during 2010, the UK is not likely to meet its targets for reducing carbon emissions by 2020.


Cambridge Econometrics has therefore urged the new coalition government to set out detailed plans on how it can achieve these goals.


Professor Paul Ekins of University College London, added that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats must act "swiftly" if the UK "is to achieve the statutory goal of a 34 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020".


Prime minister David Cameron recently said he wants the new government to be the greenest in the UK`s history and called on all departments to reduce their carbon emissions by a tenth