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03 October 2011





Eneftech Innovation® introduces new micro-cogeneration solutions, sustainable energy systems able to supply clean heat and electricity through renewable energies, as well as from other heat sources such as boilers, exhaust gases or any other industrial waste heat. Eneftech`s core technology uses the highly effective Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), to develop systems based on a worldwide patented Scroll micro-turbine.

Eneftech`s products line, ENEFCOGEN®, is designed for applications such as combined heat and power or waste heat recovery, with units from 10kWe up to 30 kWe. For instance, the 10kWe unit is perfectly suited for micro-CHP in residential applications, when the 30 kWe unit is designed for waste heat recovery in industrial processes, as well as for industry cogeneration applications. The main advantages of ENEFCOGEN systems are reliability, low capital cost with reduced maintenance, and a very favorable heat / power ratio.

The possibility to put several units in parallel grants the installation the chance to grow along with its needs of energy. Also, this unique Eneftech feature that allows the ENEFCOGEN products to accept up to a 50% variation of the input thermal power, makes this solution really flexible.

Eneftech technology enables an optimized cost of micro-cogeneration that will address a wide range of new applications such as :

  • waste heat recovery, from industrial processes, starting from 125°C
  • deep geothermal, to convert heat contained in the soil into electricity and heating
  • bottoming cycle, using any engines exhaust gas to generate electricity
  • combined production of heat and power, for buildings and work places
  • power production in the automotive industry, for vehicles and trucks.

Eneftech will participate in the EFEF 2011 show that will be held in Geneva (Switzerland) from October 10th to 12th.



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