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26 September 2011

Interview with Jean-Paul Hautekeer, Global Marketing Director of Building Projects, Dow Corning


What are the big issues for the future of energy at the moment?
Achieving a sustainable energy future is one of today’s biggest challenges. Energy efficiency that includes energy saving and the use of renewable energy is the most powerful tool to meet this challenge. A continued and strengthened focus on R&D in the area of energy efficiency is essential, supporting R&D projects which focus on both short- and mid-term improvements of existing technology, as well as breakthroughs in development and deployment of new technologies. Increasing energy efficiency will not be an easy task, but with the right combination of private investment, incentives, education and training, we can achieve this goal while boosting employment and moving toward a clean, independent and secure energy future. 
How do you think we can make a difference?
Collaboration, commitment and investment throughout the private and public sector can make a real difference to help solve complex challenges. We at Dow Corning see innovation as crucial to these challenges. To accelerate innovation and to ensure future sustainable growth, we constantly work on reducing the time-to-market and on improving the performance and lifespan of our products.
In Dow Corning’s case, our silicon-based technologies are already widespread in renewable energy generation and energy efficiency products, including in the solar, wind, construction, and energy storage areas. In fact, Dow Corning and its joint venture Hemlock Semiconductor Group have invested over $5 billion in manufacturing and research and development in these fields over the past six years.
Why are you attending the EFEF?
The expertise of Dow Corning in silicone-based materials can contribute to solving some of the most pressing global challenges such as clean and affordable energy. More cooperation across different industries is needed in order to make a real difference, as collaboration and open innovation between companies from different stages of the value chain will facilitate innovation and at the same time accelerate product implementation. We are convinced that conferences like the EFEF are an excellent platform to actively participate in meetings with action-oriented leaders and share our knowledge and experience, to find common ground for current and future collaboration regarding sustainability, and to collaborate with like-minded people to advance innovative energy solutions.
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