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20 September 2011

Interview with Stephen Woodhouse, Director, Pöyry Management Consulting

 What are the big issues for the Future of Energy at the moment?
Whether and how the concept of competitive energy markets can coexist with the drive for decarbonisation

How do you think we can make a difference?
By fostering discussion on non-interventionist, pro-market ways of achieving a decarbonised energy system, In particular this must encompasses smart demand as well as supply-side solutions

Why are you attending EFEF?
It is one of the premier forums for intelligent, informed discussion on the decarbonisation agenda.

Register now for the conference to see Stephen Woodhouse speak on the Future of Energy - see full conference details at www.EuropeanFutureEnergyForum.com/conference and register now online at www.EuropeanFutureEnergyForum.com/register