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20 September 2011

Interview with Prof Steven Griffiths, Executive Director, Office of Institute Initiatives, MIST

 What are the big issues for the Future of Energy at the moment?

A major issue is the need to accelerate the pace at which clean technologies are deployed in advanced as well as developing economies. Without a sharp increase in the rate of deployment, the problems of climate change and energy poverty will become greatly exacerbated.

There is a broad awareness that the deployment of clean energy technologies is critical to addressing concerns about climate change mitigation and adaption, energy security, universal energy access and low-carbon social and economic development. However, market failures, such as inability of private firms to appropriate the returns from clean technology innovation and the lack of accounting for the full social and economic cost fossil fuel energy sources, have created substantial gaps in access to the financial resources for broad demonstration and deployment of clean technologies.

In order to overcome the stated issues, transparent, stable and predictable government policies must be implemented to provide both market pull and technology push (i.e. R&D) stimuli for clean technology research, development, demonstration and deployment.


How do you think we can make a difference?

We must continue to provide forums for exchange of knowledge and information that will facilitate the R&D and policy development activities required for clean technology deployment. Such dialogues are critical for coming up aligning key stakeholders with plans that are action-oriented and correctly targeted.


Why are you attending EFEF?

I am interested in providing an expert view on clean technology R&D and policy and interacting with other experts that will help further the global dialogue.

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