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19 September 2011

Interview with Prof. Mario Paolone, Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory,EPFL

 What are the big issues for the Future of Energy at the moment?

1. Improvement of structure and operational practices of electrical distribution network to maximize the penetration of non-dispatchable power production systems essentially coming from renewables.

2. Low-cost and long-life storage systems (essentially distributed rather than centralized).

3. Maximize the integration of electrical and transportation systems.

How do you think we can make a difference?

1. Integrating multi-disciplinary knowledge within the fields of engineering, physics and applied maths.

2. Promote large initiatives (sponsored by EU, Nation Government and, above all, companies and investors) for the deployment of available technologies into the development and operation of electrical and transportation infrastructures.

Why are you attending EFEF?

To interact with people coming from different areas (research, economy business) dealing with the field of Energy.

Register now for the conference to see Prof. Paolone speak on the Future of Energy - see full conference details at www.EuropeanFutureEnergyForum.com/conference and register now online at www.EuropeanFutureEnergyForum.com/register