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Pilot International
20 September 2011

Press Release September-2011

Dear colleagues,

We are privileged to bring to you our News Bulletin for September 2011:

1)      2011 Conference proceedings on the web:

The Innovation and Sustainability Conference and Expo 2011 proceedings are published on the website. Get your free download published in the 8th edition of the Pilot International Newsletter from this website:

2)      Japanese delegation to identify carbon emission reduction projects in Uganda:

Pilot International meets with the Japanese delegation implementing a Capacity Development Programme of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System for Crediting Greenhouse Gas and Emission Reduction Activities in Uganda. The program is intended to identify investments or projects called Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide environmental benefits and contribute to the economic development of the country. The NAMAs act as new channels and opportunities for project finance, technology, capacity building supported by the developed countries as well as revenue for carbon credits for developing countries. The eligible sectors where the NAMAs can be developed include Energy, Industrial processes, Agriculture, Forestry and Waste, among others. The eligible players to implement the NAMAs include: Private sector, NGOs, Government agencies and Associations. The next meeting which will be held in October/ November 2011 in Kampala will be meant to identify eligible projects and players to develop and implement the NAMAs. Stay tuned to our next News Bulletin!

3)       Pilot International Newsletter, November 2011 Edition:

Published on a quarterly basis in both digital and printed versions in Kampala Uganda, and read on five continents with over 70,000+ subscribers, the purpose of Pilot International Newsletter is to promote Global Sustainable Development by publishing, advertising and dissemination of developmental enterprises and professionals locally and world-wide. We call upon our esteemed members to submit in articles, projects and adverts for the upcoming edition of the Pilot International Newsletter, which will also publish the conference report of our just concluded innovation and sustainability conference & expo August 2011. Submissions should be in line with the Pilot Internationals’ vision of “Promoting Global Sustainable Development for the benefit of humanity and the planet”. To request for advert rates send an email to: [email protected], [email protected] To download past newsletter editions for free, please click here: http://www.pilot-int.org/newsletter.htm

4)      Call for Hotel Partners for the 2012 International Summit in Kampala City:

We would like to call for expressions of interest from 2 competent hotels located in Kampala city to work as hotel partners to our 2012 upcoming international summit to provide accommodation, airport transfers to and from Entebbe airport, conference facilities, as well as hosting our Global Pilot Awards Dinner. Email your interest to: [email protected], [email protected] not later than 1st December 2011.   

5)      Call for Official Airlines Partner/Carrier

We would like to call for expression of interest from 1 competent Airlines carrier/alliance to work as an Official Airlines Partner to our 2012 upcoming international summit to take place in Kampala Uganda. Email your interest to: [email protected], [email protected] not later than                       1st March 2012.  


6)      Last word:

Pilot International continues to be dedicated to provide a global platform to its members, partners and subscribers to promote Global Sustainability by provision of direct business, funding and partnership opportunities and linkages through International conferences, Publishing and Dissemination, Membership services, Projects, Rewarding and celebrating Global Innovators. To read about our membership benefits, please click here: http://www.pilot-int.org/membership.htm  

To view current members on the website, click here:  http://www.pilot-int.org/members.htm  



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