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01 August 2011

Interview with Greg Story, Solar Energy Partners

1.     What are the big issues for the Future of Energy at the moment?
·         How to deal with fossil fuels. They cannot be dispensed with overnight. They have to be phased out. Many countries not doing much, or anything, about this.
·         How do we encourage slow adopters of new technologies to embrace them and join the 21st century.
·         How do we stabilise the cost of renewable energy sources (RES) such as wind, pv solar, thermal solar, biomass.
·         No economy can afford to dispense with cheaper fossil fuels without having cost effective replacements at hand.
·         However RES will never be cost effective without support to enable tit ot become established and remass produced.
·         Mass production is here with turbines and solar panels. It is important to note that this stage would not have been achieved without support and subsidies in Germany, Nordics, Spain , Italy.
·         Globally we owe these countries, particularly Germany, for the subsidies to enable the mass production of RES.
·         Solar thermal is approaching grid parity. So too is wind. Solar pv is getting there. But without the subsidies over the last 15 years this would never have occurred.
2.     How do you think we can make a difference?
·         Continue and expand the program of subsidies worldwide.
·         Harmonise the subsidies across all countries worldwide.
·         Pitch subsidies so that countries focus on the RES that suits their natural advantages.
·         The UK should not be subsidising solar as irradiation is half that of Spain. Rather UK should be encouraging onshore wind, tidal and wave.
3.     Why are you attending EFEF?
·         To mix with the worlds best.