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British Photovoltaic Association
24 September 2010


The BPVA (British Photovoltaic Association) was officiallylaunched today at the ‘Solar in Building Design and Construction’ conferenceheld at the Royal Institute of BritishArchitects in London. This event is being attended by over 200representatives from a broad spectrum of companies, financial institutions,associations and press from the photovoltaic (PV) sector.

The launch was presided over by the Chairman and CEO of theassociation – Reza Shaybani and James Steynor. “We could have not wished for abetter attendance at this event and the enthusiasm for the BPVA has exceededall our expectations,” said Shaybani.

“Membership is now over 40 and growing as we speak,” addedSteynor, “and this for an association that is only a few hours old.”

The BPVA is the only UK-based association dedicated to the PVsector. In Steynor’s opening presentation he emphasised that this focus on PV givesa very clear message to members and people interested in the activities of theassociation – the BPVA delivers what it says on the tin: PV and only PV.

“Other initiatives while worthy and clearly very valuable tothe overall development of renewable energy in the UK, are inevitablycompromised by representing what are, in effect, competing technologies, suchas wind power and solar water heating,” Steynor stressed. “Our focus at theBPVA is to work towards widespread adoption of PV at grass root level. We wantto help increase the number of consumers who consume PV generated electricity,which offers affordable local solutions on a local and affordable scale.”

Shaybani added: “Our focus is to educate and inform, actingas a catalyst to develop the PV market in the UK, bringing in jobs both in thetechnology and engineering sectors while also making a major contribution toreducing carbon emissions.”

The growth in widespread adoption of PV technology in the UKis set to accelerate rapidly against the backdrop of feed-in tariffs introducedby the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the 1st of Aprilthis year. While the initiative underpins this growth by securing investment inPV for the next 25 years, this is only the start. A drive to stimulate theestablishment of basic infrastructure and ensure overall that there are noencumbrances to PV installations is necessary and this is a key element to PVsuccess that BPVA will be targeting in the coming years.

The BPVA came into existence through the need for consumereducation and representation, seen by the founding members, who come from abroad spectrum of national and international companies and financialinstitutions. The BPVA also has also benefited greatly from the support of anumber of national and global associations connected with the PV market.

One founding member, Gianluca Aiazzi CEO of SYSTEM PhotonicsS.p.A comments, “The formation of the BPVA is vital for the market in PV todevelop at its full potential in the UK. It is not simply a matter of seedingthe technology with government backing, such as the feed-in tariffs – though clearlyvital, this is only the start. Associations focusing on PV alone are essentialas is well-proven in other markets worldwide. We wish the BPVA great success,and we are delighted to have been part of the launch.”

The BPVA will be headquartered in The Building Centrelocated in London, which will house a state-of-the-art showroom for PVtechnology. All those interested in PV will be able to see first-hand what thetechnology offers, and learn what opportunities PV technology can deliver. “Weplan to have the showroom fully operational by the end of October,” commentedSteynor, “and we will base all our activities from this prestigious location.”

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