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20 September 2010

Q & A with Edward Oakden, Managing Director – Sectors Group, UKTI


Q: What are the big issues for the Future of Energy at the moment?

A: Its how to generate an economically viable low carbon economy in the light of concerns over sustainability, affordability and security of supply. 
Q: How do you think these will be addressed within your session?
A: The opening session is about articulating the political commitment to achieving the carbon emission targets set by the EU and the UK government. Without political commitment - in a real world - we will not succeed.
Q: Why is this event important?
A: Because it brings politics and business together in one forum.  When it comes to transitioning  to a low carbon economy Europe is leading the world and the UK is committed to being a leader in Europe . London is the right place for this to be explored and now is the right time.
Q: What difference do you think can be made in the future? 
A: That depends on us. All of us. Initiatives like EFEF help people to understand what they must do, as nations, as corporations, as communities and as individuals. Masdar are to be congratulated on pursuing the Future Energy series of events and I am sure London will make a difference.

Hear Edward Oakden speak at the European Future Energy Forum on 19 October - www.EuropeanFutureEnergyForum.com/programme