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22 September 2010

Q & A with Jeremy Leggett, Chairman, Solar Century


Q: What are the big issues for the Future of Energy at the moment?

A: The biggest issue is that global peak oil is imminent, and the clean-energy industries that can help abate the coming crunch are being held back on many fronts by the increasingly desperate defensive game of traditional energy interests.
Q: How do you think we can make a difference?

A: By opening our eyes to the evidence that has recently persuaded people in the Pentagon and the German Army, for example, that we have a problem, and accelerating a broad suite of clean-energy market-enablement policies.
Q: Why are you attending EFEF?
A: To make this case where I can, and to meet fellow clean-energy professionals and discuss our mutual opportunities and challenges.

See Jeremy Leggett speak at the European Future Energy Forum on 21 October - www.EuropeanFutureEnergyForum.com/programme