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ITM Power
27 July 2010

Forestry Commission Joins ITM Power’s On Site Hydrogen Trials

Forestry Commission Joins ITM Power’s On Site Hydrogen Trials

ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce that the Forestry Commission has signed an agreement to participate in the Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) of ITM`s transportable high pressure refueling unit (HFuel) that it is currently being built with support from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and partners Gateway to London and Revolve Technologies, as announced in February 2010.

Commencement of HOST will begin in 2011, and will encompass the operation and refueling of two HICE (Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine) Revolve Technologies Ford Transit vehicles with hydrogen produced on site at the point of use, at sites operated by participating companies and in the Gateway to London development area. The Forestry Commission joins DHL Supply Chain and London Stansted Airport who signed agreements to join HOST in June 2010.

Membership of HOST provides each partner with a one week free trial of HFuel and the two Revolve HICE transit vehicles, and an option to lease both HFuel and vehicles for additional week(s). The demonstrations are 100% managed and operated by ITM personnel in liaison with site owners‟ operations and management.

Commenting for ITM Power, CEO Graham Cooley stated “We are delighted that the Forestry Commission, the largest land manager in Britain and the biggest provider of outdoor recreation, has agreed to join ITM‟s HOST programme in order appraise the potential of ITM`s technology to decarbonise forestry vehicles. The Forestry Commission has an important role as a member of the government`s Renewable Energy Deployment and Environmental Issues Project Board.”

“It`s all about producing a clean fuel at the point of use, addressing the important sustainability issue of eliminating the carbon footprint of the fuel supply chain. The HOST trials will play an important role in demonstrating the potential of ITM`s HFuel technology to the land management sector particularly where the supply of fuel is an issue in remote areas. We expect companies from other sectors to be joining the HOST scheme in the near future.”

Jeffrey Livingston, Head of Mechanical Engineering Services at the Forestry Commission stated, "The Forestry Commission is a world leader in the development of sustainable forest management, and we have a policy of constantly exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities, including the operation of our vehicle fleet. For example, Mechanical Engineering Services have been `greening` resources through the use of alternative fuels, lubricants, and chemicals, and the potential use of "green‟ hydrogen, a clean fuel derived from water and renewable sources of energy, fits well with this policy and programme.”

For further information please visit www.itm-power.com or contact:
ITM Power Plc
Graham Cooley, CEO
0114 244 5111

Tavistock Communications
Simon Hudson / Andrew Dunn
020 7920 3150

Forestry Commission
Charlton Clark
0131 314 6500