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15 September 2010

Fold-up electric scooters from i-Scoot

Experience a new form of transportation today with a fold-up electric scooter from i-Scoot. Cruise quietly through the city, no smells, no petrol or oil, no pollution just enjoy the fun and freedom of driving at very low cost.

Get more smileage! If you need to get around the city fast, or even from city to city, our folding electric scooters are the ideal solution and fun to ride. You can take them on a train, into the office, in the boot of your car, or even on your boat… the list goes on. If you`d prefer to leave your scooter outside, just remove the battery pack and re-charge indoors, ready for your next journey.

Re-fuel with e-fuel - at home, work or at a charging point for just a few pence. A real alternative to moving around the city, congestion busting, no road tax, no parking problems – no sweat, just twist the throttle and go!

At the European Future Energy Forum i-Scoot.co.uk will display two electric scooters which are fuelled by 100% electricity.

‘Maxx’ is powered by a patented 1000 W/36 volts DC-Neodymium Magnet electric motor, has a maximum speed of 20mph and a cruising range of approx 20miles.

‘Minii‘ is powered by a 500 W/ 36 volts high tech electric motor, has a maximum speed of 12mph and a cruising range of approx 20miles.

Both are available with a removable Silicone-Gel long distance battery which will take approx. 5-6 hours for a full re-charge. A key benefit is that these batteries are removable and can be switched in seconds, recharged at home, work or at a charging point. It will cost only 7 pence for a full recharge which will give you approximately a 20 mile range.

Apart from the different power of the motors the main difference between Maxx and Minii is their transmission system: Maxx has a direct drive – Minii has a chain transmission.

Both scooters feature reliable front and rear disk brakes, a strong polymer front suspension fork and adjustable rear swing-arm suspension for a comfortable ride. The scooters are designed with a solid double hardened steel plate tubular frame and an extra wide handlebar. Due to their low centre of gravity they both have excellent handling capabilities.

One of the key advantages of both scooters is that they are compact and foldable. The foldable steering column makes it easy to transport them in your car boot or on a train.

In most cars you can fit at least one scooter into the boot, if you fold the back bench you can even fit two scooters in the back of a VW-Golf. 

Special causes require special editions! Promote your company, charity, event or football club with one of our special edition scooters based on our top of the range model Maxx and at the same time boost your environmental credentials. We will brand our scooters with your logo, colours or message to give you the edge and get you noticed. In the past we have branded Special Edition Maxx for Vodafone, Barclays, Hotel Bahia, e.on, Rhein Energie, 1.FC Cologne, Germany’s Next Top Model…...

For a full specification visit our website at www.i-scoot.co.uk