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Eco Architecture Planning and Permaculture Design CIC
15 September 2010


Eco-Architecture and Planning Associates are a Social Enterprise company based in Oxford, Abingdon, London and Devon.

We have experience, expertise and passion in designing buildings and environments to achieve eco-sustainability to enhance wellbeing of people and the planet. We specialise in the design of ecologically sustaining architecture and planning – holistic design of buildings, surroundings spaces and gardens that maintain balance in terms of food, energies, materials and human needs: aesthetic, physical, social, spiritual and emotional. Our key topic areas include:

• Holistic design of urban and rural habitats.
• Holistic Eco-design of buildings.
• Permaculture design of horticultural and agricultural holdings.
• Permaculture planning.
• Organic waste to energy systems.
• Small scale biogas an anaerobic digester.
• Bio plant compost for soil fertility.
• Cooling and heating buildings using solar energy.
• Holistic design and colour therapeutics of interiors.

Our aim is to investigate, establish, teach and offer examples of ways of living co-operatively, harmoniously, sustainably and self sufficiently with each other and the environment for the benefit of the local and wider ecological communities.

See us at EFEF2010 We are excited to be part of European Future Energy Forum 2010.

Please see our exhibition there and let us know if you would like any further information. Our main contact details are below.

We are currently upgrading our website www.eco-architectureandplanning.com, and our new marketing material will be available for download from the end of September 2010; meanwhile please view the existing website to get a feel of who we are and what we do!

Contact: Sophie Christopher-Bowes Dip, RETA, A.M BESA, P.C. Assoc. UK, City & Guilds, Cert ED, TCPA, BSYA (F.S.)
Eco Architecture Planning & Permaculture Design Consultants
Circle House 43 Thames View, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3ZB T: 01235 529266
E: [email protected] W: www.eco-architectureandplannning.com