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Oxford Data Management
14 September 2010

Dr Amatsia Kashti

For release on 19th October 2010


At the Innovation Zone of the EuropeanFuture Energy Forum meeting opening in London today (Excel, 19th - 21stOctober 2010), Oxford Data Management is presenting their new technology and accompanying business model, designed to introduce meaningfulsavings to households through competition, whilst ensuring reduced prices donot induce consumers to increase demand.

DrA Kashti, director at Oxford Data Management says:

“Households have so far not enjoyed the fruit of competition in the energy sector as much as the business sector did.  Oxford Data Management is the first to present a complete solution that the market needs rightnow.”

The solution comprising of smart metering installation and customer aggregation technique, provides households with meaningful savings of up to 40%, whilst marking benchmark demand to ensure lower prices do not induce higher demand.


A.        Since deregulation in the 1990s largecommercial users managed to reduce energy unit tariff by up to 50% in realterms. Households are excluded from the market for 3 reasons:

1.      Most Households’ energymeters cannot send half-hourly readings enabling them to participate in themarket.

2.      Households lack theaccreditation, technique and experience to trade in energy markets.

3.      Each household demand istoo small and cannot affect prices.

B.                Existing smart-meterpilots conducted by Ofgem are designed primarily to reduce costs to suppliers,and are not aimed principally at consumers.

C.                Dr. Amatsia Kashti is ofIsraeli origin with background in energy technology and demand modelling. 

D.                Oxford Data ManagementLtd

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