Who should exhibit?

In 2011 we are incorporating all forms of Cleantech into the exhibition rather than focusing solely on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This means that companies that who develop and produce solutions for conservation and emission reduction should also be present these will include…
Advice, planning and engineering services – consultants, agencies, NGOs, universities, auditors, environmental information systems, geological expertise, laboratories, maintenance and servicing
Efficient energy systems and applications – building services (efficient heating, ventilation and insulation), sustainable construction, architects, smart grid infrastructure, energy saving
Emissions and exhaust treatment – air filter technology, dust extraction, exhaust/flue gas purification equipment and processes, detection and monitoring systems
Energy production – manufacturers, technology developers, consultants, engineers, producers and investors in solar PV, solar thermal, wind – onshore and offshore, biofuel, geothermal, hydropower, fuel cells, tidal and waste-to-energy
Measurement and control technology – emission/pollution detection, control equipment, automation equipment, control systems, measurement devices
Mobility – engineering consultants, charging stations, technology providers, fuel reduction systems, suppliers of electric/low carbon vehicles, urban planning, traffic and transport concepts
Waste treatment and recycling – brownfield remediation, disposal of environmentally hazardous waste, dismantling of buildings, soil treatment, disposal of household waste, composting, disposal site planning and technology, electrical waste recycling, engineering and construction of recycling facilities, fermentation , mechanisation, incineration, plastics recycling, recovery of valuable materials, thermal gasification, pyrolysis, thermal waste treatment, waste collection systems
Water and waste water treatment – treatment works and systems for industrial and municipal waste water, water catchment, neutralisation, pollution detection, clean-up solution providers, regulators, leak detection and control, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling systems, water conservation experts, sustainable drainage solutions, marine pollution control, water security experts, metering and monitoring solutions, water conservation solution providers, water management consultants, environment agencies