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The BioMobile association originated from HEPIA (University of Applied Sciences; Technology, Architecture & Landscape Geneva). It is dedicated to the development of the vehicle BioMobile.

This Eco-mobile was initially designed as a showcase to promote bio-gasoline, fuel derived from vegetable waste. As a challenge, BioMobile competes in The Shell Eco-Marathon, held annually. The Eco-Marathon is to design vehicles registered in sustainable mobility, consuming less fuel and emitting the least greenhouse gas emission possible.

BioMobile characteristics are the use of bio-gasoline, low fuel consumption (834 km with 1 liter), body 100% manufactured from plant (banana tree, linen and cellulose fibers, pine resin), use of a standard engine slightly modified, tubular chassis covered with composite materials, advanced optimization of aerodynamics, drastic reduction of bearings friction, high reliability and simplicity. The gray energy of the entire vehicle is minimizied. The BioMobile project’s goal is to move to « all renewable ».
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