European Future Energy Forum 2010

Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Theatre

“We want intelligent energy for all. Smart grid and access to the grid.Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Theatre
Save energy to share it, this is our contribution.”
Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President & CEO

Solving the energy challenge requires both behaviour change and new technology.

The 3 days of conferences and panel discussions covered the following timely topics:

- Save Energy, Share Energy: By saving energy, we cut costs and help the environment. By sharing energy, we provide people with access to electricity and the opportunities that come with it – better health care, development, and education. Learn how access to energy contributes to develop a new energy paradigm.

- Challenges of the Smarter Grid: By turning the classic linear energy grid into an intelligent and interactive network, we will change our behaviours and change the way we all use energy today. Learn how to make the most of smart grid innovation opportunities.

- EcoStruxureTM Solutions for Green Buildings: EcoStruxure Active Energy ManagementTM architecture from Power Plant to PlugTM delivers 30% energy savings across your entire enterprise. Learn how to manage your largest controllable operating expense.

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19th October: Save Energy, Share Energy

10:15 – 10:25: Introduction

Alban Jacquin, Sustainability Communities' Coordinator, Schneider Electric

10:30 – 11:00: Keynote

Olivier Kayser, President & Founder of Hystra, Hybrid strategies consulting group in sustainability

Base of the Pyramid: a tremendous place for new economic, social and innovation models.

11:10 – 12:40: Panel discussion

Between business and social business: How can companies contribute to sustainable development whilst creating competitive advantages?

Business & poverty are scarcely associated. However, at a time where companies look for both credible and efficient responsibility projects, the Base of The Pyramid – BoP (i.e the poorest people in each country) represents a fantastic growth and innovation reservoir. What is the best approach to create viable business conditions at the BoP? What are the lessons to learn from recent experiences? What can be the outcomes for corporations, states and people? The panellist will share their views around these questions.

Moderator: Alban Jacquin, sustainability communities’ coordinator, Schneider Electric

Emmanuel Leger, Head of Access to Energy Program - Sustainable Development, Total Group
Guy-Patrick Massoloka, Independent Communications Consultant
Bernard Saincy, Vice President CSR - Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development Division, GDF SUEZ
Dr Nicolas Sireau, Senior Advisor, SolarAid

12:40 Panel discussion conclusion

Speaker: Gilles Vermot Desroches, SVP Sustainable Development, Schneider Electric

14:00 - 14:40: Sustainable investment: a lever for companies’ growth and people engagement

How is it possible to align sustainable investment with the strategy of a global company? With the creation of Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) sustainable investment fund a year ago, Schneider Electric contributes to help entrepreneurs from the Base of the Pyramid starting their own business in the field for electricity, creation of a sustainable ecosystem in regions where skills and money may lack. You will discover how the company leverages this innovative sustainable investment fund to fulfil social, business and innovation purposes.

Speaker: Alban Jacquin, Sustainability Communities’ Coordinator, Schneider Electric

14:45 – 15:25: Sharing knowledge around energy: training as a key for sustainable development

There will be no sustainable future without the right skills to make it happen. Education is a key success factor for both saving energy and fostering access to it. In this session, you will discover how the answer of Schneider Electric: for energy efficiency knowledge on-line and the training for people the Base of the Pyramid.

Speaker: Isabelle Malinconi, VP Corporate Communication

15:30 – 16:10: Technological innovation at the Base of the Pyramid

Reversed innovation is a concept that starts to spread. It consists in creating new solutions for emerging countries that are not only soft/light versions of existing ones for developed areas but real new solutions built by and for the people. It opens a new growth opportunities for people at the base of the pyramid and in developed countries, finding new applications. In this session, you will discover how Schneider Electric leverages its global footprint and innovation capabilities to design access to energy solutions at the Bas of the Pyramid.

Speaker: Alban Jacquin, Sustainability Communities’ Coordinator, Schneider Electric

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20th October: Challenges for a smarter grid

09:30 – 09:45: Introduction

Scott Henneberry, VP Smart Grid strategy, Schneider Electric

10:00 – 11:30: Panel discussion

Geographic implementation of Demand Response Management in Smart Grid : what has to happen to make European Market more efficient ?

Moderator: Scott Henneberry, VP Smart Grid strategy, Schneider Electric

Mike Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of CPower Inc., New York
Jessica Stromback, Senior Partner, VaasaETT Global Energy Think Tank
Gavin C Jones, North Europe- EMEA Leader, IBM
Olivier Stahl, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Entelios

11:30 – 12:15: Keynote

Philippe Delorme, Executive VP Strategy and Innovation, Schneider Electric

By turning the “jurassic” linear energy grid into an intelligent and interactive network, it is changing our behaviours, revolutioning the energy value chain like the internet revolutionised IT in the late 90s

14:00 - 14:40: Demand Response 2.0

How Demand Response, as a component of Smart Grid, will deploy in different geographies of Europe and whether conventional DR1.0 will be deployed or whether the market will support DR 2.0 real monitoring and control.

Speaker: Scott Henneberry, VP Smart Grid Strategy, Schneider Electric

14:45 – 15:20: Integration of Renewables into the grid

Renewable energy is hardly predictable, controllable to mach to the demand contrary to the traditional generation.

This is making the planning of the grid dispatcher more complex and request to keep sufficient energy reserve with traditional generation.

The main challenge is to fine affordable solution to allow the integration of any renewable at any location on the grid while providing means to control the load depending of the available power.

Speaker: Jean Marc Rollet, PV Solutions Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric

15:30 - 16:10:  Distribution Automation

Distribution automation improves reliability with real-time monitoring and intelligent control. Bringing more automation and intelligence to the power grid network to address a myriad of utility concerns such as how to reduce operational expenses to ways to meet new regulatory requirements, Distribution Automation is a key component of Smart Grid deployment success.

Speaker: Alain Glatigny, Innovation Energy Manager, Schneider Electric

16:15 - 16:50: CRC: what is it and how it affects you?

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is a UK-wide mandatory emissions trading scheme. lt requires companies that consume more than 6,000 MWh of half-hourly metered electricity to assess their energy usage and purchase carbon allowances based on this estimate. Registration should now be complete and this seminar discusses the implications, and gives a practical overview of how organisations can take early action to mitigate the impact.

Speaker: Rachel Cooper, Energy Consultant, Schneider Electric

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21st October: EcoStruxureTM solution for Green Buildings

09:30 – 09:45: Introduction

Brandi McManus, Buildings Business, VP, Strategic Communications, Schneider Electric

09:50 – 10:20: Keynote

Melissa O'Mara, Green Building Solution VP, Schneider Electric

Integrated solutions can help deliver on the promise of green.  In this session, Melissa will discuss the promise of green, where we are on the journey and how integrated solutions like EcoStruxureTM will contribute

10:30 – 12:00: Panel discussion

Delivering on the promise of green building : what is the promise, where we are, what are the barriers, emerging trends, certification

Moderator: Brandi McManus, Buildings Business, VP, Strategic Communications, Schneider Electric

Andrew Carey , Associate Partner, IBM
Neil Cameron, Director of Estate, University of Sheffield
Adam Matthews, Business Development Manager, Autodesk
Melissa Sterry, Founder of Societás, Founder of New Frontiers, Sustainability Innovation Strategist

14:00- 14:40: The value of an integrated solution in building

With ever changing market conditions, whether it is energy monitoring, modern methods of construction or developing products that enable users to meet current legislations, the Integrated Solutions seminar covers all aspects from traditional methods to our recent product and solution innovations.

Speaker: Pierre Tabary, Strategic Project VP, Schneider Electric

14:45 – 15:20: How to finance the upgrade toward green building

Financing can be a hurdle to energy efficient and green building upgrades.  In this session we will discuss options for financing and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Speaker: Brandi McManus, Buildings Business, VP, Strategic Communications, Schneider Electric

15:30 - 16:10:  Regulation/legislation as drivers to change

In Europe and the UK, energy legislation is a major driver for energy efficiency.  In this session, we will discuss relevant legislation and how it may apply to you.

Speaker: Martin Feder, Building Business General Management, Schneider Electric

16:15 - 16:50: Energy Efficiency solutions, a practical approach

Energy efficiency means something different to everyone, from residential to industry, from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, from being seen to be green to realising real environmental savings. This seminar will show practical measures which can save energy, save money and save the environment, simple solutions and their potential benefits.

Speaker: Louise Smith, Customer Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric

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