European Future Energy Forum 2010

The Dreamtek Green IT and Communication Zone demonstrated the entire solution provided for ministries and authorities by Dreamtek in order to cut their CO2 emissions.  You will discover a full studio showing the proposed installation to achieve greener communication.  Therewas even an edit suite where at-site footage was edited and distributed at the event via the VoD portal, AIR and iPhone apps.  

The theatre programme showed the latest Green ICT solutions and strategies, which will provide the backbone of the solution to Greener IT and Communication. 

Speaking in the theatre at scheduled times were:

Jonathan Eric Tyrell for Apple
The future of video production and video streaming for mass communication

Richard West for Dreamtek
Green ICT strategies and tools to reduce business travel related carbon emissions

Will Cawthorne for Adobe System
Web conferencing as the leading tool for virtual meetings and eLearning as an alternative to business travel

To view video footage of the 2010 European Future Energy Forum filmed by Dreamtek go to