European Future Energy Forum 2010

The Transport for London Eco Transport Showcase was a dedicated area which focused on emerging technology in clean transport, with a number of vehicles on display for visitors to the exhibition to get a closer look. Exhibitors within this area included:

  • Transport for London who displayed their range of initiatives to make London greener
  • Lotus Engineering who presented their Fuel Cell Hybrid Taxi
  • Siemens with their Porsche Cayenne Stormster
  • Green Tomato Cars with their plug-in Prius
  • Carbon Voyage who presented their personal travel plans
  • Imperial Racing Green who showcased their latest track vehicle
  • I-Scoot with their Maxx and Mini Electric Scooters
  • ITM Power presented their hydrogen fuelled Ford Focus
  • MIRA with their Green Jaguar Limo
  • Seymour Powell displayed their exciting Aircruise concept
  • ZiPee Bikes with their electric scooter
  • Varialift
  • Gasrec who presented a range of commercial and non-commercial vehicles
  • Williams Hybrid Power who also took a stand within the exhibition
  • LHR Express Cars who offered a green taxi car service for attendees