Mr Frédéric Lelièvre
Mr Frédéric Lelièvre
Head of the Economics & Finance section
Le Temps
Frédéric Lelièvre heads the Economics & Finance Section of «Le Temps». Based in Geneva, Le Temps is the main national swiss newspaper in french of Switzerland, with a readership above 130000 readers and a daily circulation of 45000 units. Le Temps puts a strong emphasis on the economic field, and earned a recognized expertise in the energy area.
Frédéric Lelièvre joined Le Temps in 2001 to cover the investment fund industry, and then was nominated vice head of the Economic section from 2003 to 2008. He also enhanced
French citizen, he got a master degree in Financial economics at Sciences Po Paris in 1995. Before joining Le Temps, he worked 4 years in the weekly Paris based magazine «Problèmes économiques».