Mr Morten Albaek
Mr Morten Albaek
Senior Vice President of Group Marketing and Customer Insight
Vestas Wind Systems
Morten Albæk is Group Senior Vice President for Marketing &
Customer Insights in the wind turbine manufacturing company
Vestas Wind Systems A/S with direct report to the global CEO.
Being responsible for leading Vestas’ transformation from a
product-oriented to a customer-focused organization his global
staff covers areas as Key Account Management, CRM, Product
Launches, Global Marketing, Brand Strategy, Customer Loyalty
and Emerging Segments.
Morten Albæk is born in 1975. In spite of an academic
background in History and Philosophy, he started his career in
Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest financial corporation, where
he after six promotions in six years ended up heading the
department for Idea Generation and Innovation.
Since joining Vestas 1 January 2009, he has
revolutionized business-to-business marketing
through visionary and novel approaches.
WindMadeTM, first ever global consumer label
for a single renewable energy source designed
to unlock the potential for wind energy among
global consumer brands, and the first ever
consumer label to be endorsed by the United
Nations, was created by Albæk with a coalition
of global partners. The Corporate Renewable
Energy Index and the Global Consumer Wind
Study, respectively the largest ever analysis of
global corporations’ investments in renewable
energy and the most extensive ever global
survey of consumers’ preference for use of wind
energy, are examples of innovative concepts
created to break down barriers for wind energy
investments and demonstrate how Vestas as
the true industry leader takes responsibility for
building their core market.
Morten Albæk is a strong believer in one-toone
marketing using alternative channels, in
building global collaborations and partnerships,
and in integrating marketing with CSR, PR,
sustainability and even philanthropy as
catalysers for effective business development.
In addition, Morten Albæk is a prominent
character in the Danish public debate about
society related subjects. He is the author of
two books and a professor at one of Denmark’s
largest universities, and he has as the only
Scandinavian person been selected for the
International 2011 list of the top 100 most
influential CMOs..
Morten Albæk lives in Aarhus, Denmark, with
his wife and two children.