Mr Laurent Haug
Mr Laurent Haug
Founder and Director
Lift Conference
I am an entrepreneur, event designer and researcher passionate about understanding how technological innovation is reshaping society and culture. My work is about identifying and understanding upcoming shifts, spread the word via conferences and social media, and ultimately help turn changes into opportunities.

I am the founder of the Lift Conference (three days events in Europe and Asia to discuss the social implications of technologies), the co-founder and CEO of Lift Lab (a boutique consulting practice doing research projects), also a blogger, start-up adviser, and way-too-frequent-flyer attending conferences around the globe as a speaker or moderator.

I am honored to have been named one of the top 20 young leaders by the magazine Bilan, one of Switzerland’s top 100 personalities by l’Hebdo in 2006, and one of the 300 most influential people in Switzerland by Bilan in 2011.

After growing up in France and graduating from the university of Lausanne, I spent most of my early career developing and implementing technological solutions to solve business problems, first in a start-up, then at Arthur Andersen and Pictet. I maintain a disclosure page where you will find all the activities I am involved in.