Prof Dr Fred Moavenzadeh
Prof Dr Fred Moavenzadeh
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh was appointed as the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology’s president on July 1, 2010. He has been involved with Masdar Institute since inception through its collaborating partner, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and has been on the Masdar Institute’s international board of trustees as the Director of the Technology and Development Program at MIT.

Dr. Moavenzadeh has also been the James Mason Crafts Professor of Engineering at MIT. Widely recognized for his innovative role in building global institutions and developing new models of teaching and research through international initiatives in education, science and technology, Dr. Moavenzadeh has a long and distinguished career at MIT. As the Director of the Technology and Development Program, a position he has held for the past 39 years, his leadership has facilitated the establishment of a research-based science and technology infrastructure, now regarded as a critical component in the economic development of any nation.

As the director of the Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development from October 1998 to June 2006, he focused on developing an institutional environment at MIT that fostered interdisciplinary research and collaborative efforts between academia, government, and industry.

In his new role as president of Masdar Institute, Dr. Moavenzadeh aims to support the Institute's mandate of transforming the emirate into a leading source of advanced technologies and highly skilled human capital