Mr Raphaël Domjan
Mr Raphaël Domjan
Project founder, initiator and President
Solar Planet Foundation
PlanetSolar’s founder is a man of conviction, at the age of 38. Raphael Domjan imagined the PlanetSolar project, and he has done everything possible since to turn his dream into reality.
The PlanetSolar project, an extraordinary technological and human challenge, is also an expression of the world-view of Raphael Domjan and of PlanetSolar team. His personal intention is to raise basic questions about the technology of tomorrow and contributing to the provision of the answers:
“We must motivate engineers and scientists to develop innovative technologies and show that the impossible can become possible.
Back in 2001, Raphael Domjan – along with his brother and a friend – set up the company Horus Networks, which currently boasts the world’s only solar powered computer server; just another small step towards renewable energies and sustainable development.
2005 Obtained a Demonstration Pilot (air show) certification (OFAC)
From 2004 Founder and President of the “PlanetSolar” project
2004 Obtained a Patrol Pilot and night flight certification
From 2001 Managing partner and Head of Sales, Horus Networks
Qualified as Swiss Red Cross ES ambulance driver/paramedic
Obtained a private pilot’s license and trained as an extreme conditions rescue specialist.
1999 Obtained an advance ET Mechanical Engineer diploma
1998 Founded
1998 Qualified as a professional IAS ambulance paramedic
1997 Professional ambulance driver/medic and Head of IT, Groupe Sanitaire de Lausanne