Mr Pierre-François Unger
Mr Pierre-François Unger
State Councillor for Economy and Health, Vice-President
State Council of Geneva
Pierre-François Unger was born on August 21, 1951 in Geneva, Switzerland. Following a serious illness from 4 to 6 years of age, he decided to devote his life to medicine, and at the age of 24, he finished his medial studies and became Dr. Pierre-François Unger. After spending several years abroad, with a significant amount of that time in Paris, he returned to Geneva and in 1986 was named head of the Emergency Ward at Geneva’s Teaching Hospitals. Under his stewardship, the necessary measures were taken to upgrade and modernise the services provided. In 1999, he became Professor of Medicine.

At the same time that Pierre-François Unger was pursuing a brilliant medical career, he was also becoming increasingly involved in the political arena with the Christian-Democratic Party in Geneva. He was a member of the Grand Conseil from 1993 to 1999, and in 2001 was elected to the State Department and became, at 50 years old, head of social and health services. He ran again for a second term 4 years later and came in first of all the elected members of government. Since December 2005, he has taken over the department of economy and health.

Pierre-François Unger’s all consuming interest in mankind – diversity, as well as the various stages man goes through during his life – is evidenced by his warm, outgoing manner and his drive for action. He is held in high esteem by his friends as well as in his political activities.