Dr Markus Wråke
Dr Markus Wråke
Head, Energy Technology Perspectives
International Energy Agency
Markus Wråke is head of the Energy Technology Perspectives Project (ETP) at the International Energy Agency (IEA). ETP is the flagship publication on energy technology of the IEA and, alongside the World Energy Outlook, the most prominent product of the Agency.

Before joining the IEA, Markus was head of the Economics and Policy unit at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Markus Wråke holds a PhD. in Environmental Management and Economics from the University of Gothenburg and an M.Sc in Environmental Engineering from Uppsala University. He has worked on energy policy, technology and climate change for over a decade

Wråke has published numerous scientific papers and book chapters, as well as a large number of reports and working papers.