Mr Ira S. Rubenstein
Mr Ira S. Rubenstein
Partner for Alternative Energy & Clean Technology
Traficon s.r.o.
Ira Saul Rubenstein is a Partner at Traficon s.r.o. in Praha and at Traficon Slovakia s.r.o. in Bratislava. He specializes in Alternative Energy & Clean Technology (AE&CT) matters and has advised, consulted, helped finance, and (in the United States) served as investment banker for AE&CT companies and projects for over 20 years. Business opportunities and client matters have taken him to Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

He also is Senior Advisor in the AE&CT investment banking practice at Avalon Group, Ltd. in New York; prior to Avalon he served in similar senior roles at Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd. and Spencer Clarke LLC. (where he organized the AE&CT practice), all in mid-town Manhattan.

Mr. Rubenstein has been an entrepreneur in the AE&CT industry, helping to found and grow several private firms. He has also helped to found business-related NGOs in Europe and the US:
- Czech Green Building Council (Treasurer and immediate past/founding Chairman), which promotes sustainable building activities in the Czech Republic.
- Slovak Green Building Council (Treasurer and member of organizing committee), which promotes sustainable building activities in the Slovak Republic.
- Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, Inc. (Chairman), which sponsors programs involving the business intersection of economic, energy and environmental factors.

He is a permanent resident of the Czech Republic, and also lives in Bratislava, New York and Nantucket. Mr. Rubenstein holds a Series 7 securities license in the US.