Dr Cristoforo Benvenuti
Dr Cristoforo Benvenuti
Head of R&D and Innovation activities, SRB Energy Research
SRB Energy Research
Born in Milano in 1940, Cristoforo Benvenuti graduated in Physics in 1963 and joined CERN in 1966. Until 1980 he carried out various studies on condensation cryopumping, UHV and XHV pressure measurements, getter pumping.

After the approval of the Large Electron Positron collider (LEP) project at CERN, he proposed and implemented the pumping system of this machine, based on non-evaporable getter technology. In parallel he took care of the development of radiofrequency superconducting accelerating cavities made of copper and internally sputter-coated with a thin film of niobium, which have been used in the second phase of the project. These contributions were acknowledged by the award of the 1998 European Prize for Achievement and Innovation in the Accelerator Field, of the European Physical Society.

After the approval of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project at CERN, he developed a new pumping technique which was adopted for the total length of about 7 Km of this machine. For this innovation C.Benvenuti was honored, in 2002, by the attribution of the “Gaede-Langmuir Award” of the American Vacuum Society.

After retiring from CERN, in 2005, he participated in the creation of SRB Energy, a private company aimed at commercializing an evacuated flat thermal solar panel now produced industrially.